Fumio Nambata

1941 – 1971

Born in 1941, Fumio is the second son of abstract painter Tatsuoki Nambata. In 1960, at the age of 19, he graduates from Waseda University Senior High School.

Absorbed in his readings, he senses the emptiness of the existence, and enters the Art department of the Bunka Gakuin school in Tokyo, intending to become a painter. With no interest in the traditional pedagogy of sketching, he wanders the streets of Kanda alone, drawing and developping his inner pictural world.

He creates works full of acutely intricate lines and profound color palette, most of which portray an imaginary world rendered in ink and transparent watercolor. In 1967, he has his first solo exhibition at the gallery Dainana in Shinbashi, Tokyo.

Before he tragically died in an accident at the age 32, he had painted more than 2000 works of art. As a painter cut off in his prime, a youthful painter, his popularity is still deep-rooted, and led to the 2008 publication of extracts from his voluminous diaries (Terminus, Space Station, Genki Shobo). This tome and a retrospective of his work at the Setagaya Art Musuem in Tokyo the same year, continue to shed new light on his thoughts and oeuvre.

Solo Exhibitions

– 1967 Dainana Gallery, Shinbashi, Tokyo, Japan
– 2008 Permanent collection exhibtion, Setagaya Art Musuem, Tokyo, Japan
– 2012 Retrospective, Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery, Japan

Public Collections

– Setagaya Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan

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