Tomonori Toyofuku

1904 -1989

Tomonori Toyofuku was born in 1925 in Kurume, on the island of Kiushu, Japan.
He attends Kokugakuin University from 1943 to study ancient Japanese literature. In 1946 he is introduced to sculpture with Chodo Tominaga and exhibits his work for the first time in 1950 with the Japanese avant-garde group Shinseisaku-Kyokai of which he becomes a member in 1957.
1960 marked Toyofuku’s first solo exhibition at the Tokyo Gallery in Japan and his departure for the Venice Biennale where he is invited to exhibit. Then, he moves to Milan where he remains for 40 years.
He exhibits at the Galleria del Naviglio in 1962 and returns to the Venice Biennale in 1964, where an entire exhibition room is devoted to his works. In the same year he receives the William Frew Memorial Prize at the Carnegie Institute in Pittsburgh.
Toyofuku asserts himself in a unique form of abstract sculpture, working with stone, bronze or wood, piercing them with round, repeated shapes, offering an infinite variation of forms, inviting light to emphasizes the works.
These sculptures are the expression of a modern sensibility, marked by the traditional Japanese concept of form.
Toyofuku is honored by the Purple Ribbon Medal in Japan in 1993. He returns to live there in 2003 and dies on 18 May 2019 in Fukuoka.


-1960 Tokyo Gallery, Japan
-1961 International Art and Architecture Exhibition, third prize, Copenhague, Danemark


-1960-1964 Venice Biennale, Italy
-1961 Art and Architecture exhibition, Copenhague, Danemark
-1961 Exhibition« Recent acquisitions » Museum of Modern Art, New-York, USA
-1962 Galleria del Cavallino, Venice, Italy
-1963 Galleria del Naviglio, Milan, Italy
-1964,1967,1970 Carnegie International Exhibition, Pittsburgh, USA
-1965 Santa Paulo Biennale, Brazil
-1967 International bronze Competition, Padoua, Italy
-1965 et 1973 Exhibition Japanese Artists abroad , Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo and Kyoto, Japan
-1970 Masterpieces of Japanese Art, Universal Exhibition, Osaka, Japan


– Atheneum Museum, Helsinki, Finland
– Museum of Modern Art, New York, USA

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